Texas Family Psychiatry - Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry for San Antonio

About Texas Family Psychiatry

Flower BluebonnetTexas Family Psychiatry was founded in 2007 by Dr. Andrew H. Martin to provide guidance and support for patients and families experiencing emotional, mental or behavioral difficulties.  Dr. Martin is trained in the treatment of children, adolescents and adults which allows for a more comprehensive approach to issues related to family and individual functioning. 

Most people arrive with what they consider a problem.  The word problem has been defined as “an obstacle, impediment, difficulty, challenge or situation that invites resolution.”  While each person presents their own unique situation, our ultimate goal for each person or family is the same - resolution.  Due to improved understanding of social  functioning, we encourage each person to work toward resolution not only as an individual, but to also invite the other important individuals in their lives into the process to better foster this resolution.

Texas Family Psychiatry offers medication management as a tool to overcome some of the obstacles along the path to resolution.  However, we also firmly believe that individual, couples and family therapy are essential to creating a lasting resolution of the emotional, mental and behavioral difficulties that arise in our lives.  Dr. Martin strives to minimize the use of medications while maximizing the benefits obtained from the medications that are utilized.  In this way, everyone involved can more fully engage in the therapeutic process and see lasting results and more rapid progress toward a healthier future.